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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse Review: Very affordable Bluetooth mouse

After losing my beloved 5 year old logitech mouse in a cab, I went looking for an upgrade. Being a Macbook Pro owner, USB ports are high stakes real estate. I really wanted a Bluetooth mouse, and only found 1 viable option that happened to be on sale that day for $25.

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Sculpt Comfort Mouse…


This mouse is pretty awesome for the price. It runs on 2 AA batteries, Bluetooth, Tilt Wheel, and uses Microsoft’s Bluetrack technology. It doesn’t work on clear glass or mirrored surfaces, but it worked well when using my iPad as a mousepad. ;) It also has a modest thumbrest for better ergonomics.


No Like

It has some downfalls, like no out of the box support for Mac (Their outdated Intellipoint software is a bit buggy) and a smooth, shiny (and somewhat flimsy) button cover that is also removable for replacing batteries and moderate cleaning. The shiny surface is a magnet for the various finger oils/gunks. Luckily, similar to a smartphone screen, it can be easily wiped off.


Kinda Like

That big blue button allows you to natively swipe up or down (with haptic vibration feedback) and down in Windows but also clicks to bring you to the Start menu, which is handy in the Metro interface. However, in OS X, there is no support for the buttons. After fiddling around a big I found my savior. USB Overdrive.

This amazing piece of software allows you to customize all the buttons on [theoretically] any bluetooth input device and set it to do what you like. I say almost, because I haven’t played with it enough and found it slightly cumbersome to setup some of the additional mouse buttons. Currently I have the swipe actions set to various Mission Control / App Switching controls.


So, this new Logitech mouse sounds exciting with all of it’s versatility - (I especially like the multi-BT, dongle option, and recharging abilities) but it’s a bit out of my price range. If you’re looking for something similar for a lower price, (and don’t mind some tinkering if you’re using a Mac) check out this mouse. It’s pretty solid.

Sorry for my TLDR. I just felt inspired to write, because I’ve been waiting for the longest time for Logitech to put out a Bluetooth mouse, and after reading this article, it seems like Microsoft has put out something similar for a 1/3rd of the price. I swear I don’t work for Microsoft! :)

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